America the Beautiful

The weekend of July 4th, my hubby and I took our daughter and 3 of her friends “camping” at my dad’s small cabin that is on the banks of a tributary to one of our local lakes.  We got a “new” used camper this season and wanted to try it out before our week long vacation, so taking it to my dad’s to work out the bugs was just what we needed.  We brought up our boat so the girls could go tubing and we had wonderful weather and a wonderful time!  My daughter and her BFFs had a blast and while we didn’t get to fix any of the issues in our camper, we did make a punch list, so there’s that!

While on the boat Saturday morning – at 9am to beat the crowd – I sat in awe and wonder at the fortuitous life I have.  Sitting in that boat, watching these amazing 12 and 13 year old girls enjoy an activity I also enjoyed at their age, made me think of how very lucky we are to live in THIS amazing country.  I don’t want to hear about bad politicians, problems people have with race or gender issues, abortion, religion, drugs…. No complaining.

I have seen other places and because I have seen the REAL of other places, I can say how great America is.  I don’t always like the politics and I know sometimes things get pretty shady, but for the average Joe, this is a darn great place to be.  Those girls on that tube…they can be anything they set their mind to.  They have limitless possibilities in their future – and I think that’s why I adore teenagers so much – I am in awe of the life they have ahead of them and pray fervently for their success – whatever that looks like for them.

Those girls on that tube have choices many 12 and 13 year old kids will never have and cannot even fathom.  Choices that are theirs solely because they were born in this country.  They have rights as citizens and humans and it is their CHOICE how they exercise and cherish those rights.  And as I look out over these girls giggling and making memories in the summer sun, I know they cannot fathom how fortunate THEY are.  Someday they will know.  I hope the America of “someday” is just as beautiful as my America today.  I hope we continue to improve.  I hope PEOPLE continue to improve.  I hope you all have that glimpse of America the Beautiful.  It’s out there – look for it!

Here are some of my favorite pictures that say America to me!


Moonrise over Pine Island, Long Lake, Naples, Maine


Sunset in the Pennsylvania countryside


Acadia National Park, Maine


Nubble Lighthouse, York, Maine


Cogg Railway, Mount Washington, New Hampshire


Mount Washington, New Hampshire


Sunset in my backyard, Maine


Boy Scouts, Memorial Day parade, Small Town America


My favorite American pastime – Football!


Swift River, Kancamagus Highway, White Mountains, New Hampshire


Erathusa Falls, New Hampshire


EPCOT, Disney World


Tuscon, Arizona


Tuscon, Arizona


Ossippee Lake, New Hampshire


Ossippee Lake, New Hampshire


Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire


A grand harvest, Maine


Autumn approaches, Maine


Monterey, California


Capitola, California


Williamsburg, Virginia


Tampa, Florida


Key West, Florida