Social Distancing – Days 17 and 18 – A Diary

Wednesday and Thursday – I folded the laundry.

Char and I went to the barn, Char wanted to earn some money, so she cleaned the bathrooms and wiped down and oiled all the cabinets (they look amazing!!!  She is a good worker).


Kelton made pizza for dinner and we started painting the big room of our house.  Photos to follow when it is done – it is a lot of work, especially with us all living and working in this space, so it looks like hurricane season arrived in our house!

It is still raining – but April showers and all that!

Cooper is turning into one of the cats.


Days 17 and 18 and counting….

Social Distancing – Day 16 – A Diary

Tuesday – and I made a break for it!!!!

Other than going to the barn I had not been out of the house since March 13th.  Today, I went to Market Basket for needed items.  I carried my disinfectant wipes and didn’t touch any surface without wiping it down first.  We had been getting Misfits Market since January and loved it but haven’t received our last two orders so we have been running on empty for a lot of our fresh staples.  I got milk, eggs, butter, snacks for the kids, fruits and veggies, some meat and simples just to round out some meals.  I didn’t see any hoarding going on and the store was pretty quiet….everyone keeping their distance as best as possible and the workers have really been busting their tails – and I appreciate them!

Yesterday was so nice out – we took Cooper for walks, Char rode the 4 wheeler, I heard from Cooper’s other mom and got to venture out into the world (which in my head sounds like, “I braved the Dismal Swamp to hunt” – hahahaha).  We got the delivery of goods for Char’s She Shed and work will begin on that as time and weather allow.


Speaking of Cooper, do you know his story?  Well, here it is….

Char has wanted a dog forever.  We love dogs and have doggie sat many of them in our home when their families travel.  But having a dog is a huge responsibility and it is just not one we wanted to take on…so we have had cats😊.. Recently, Char broke us down and we agreed this last fall that if we can find an elderly dog to adopt, we might consider this.  Char’s doggie BFF, Bentley (my dad and step mom’s dog) died in May 2018 and Char has struggled with that (as have we all).  We told her we would seriously look for a dog after some planned travel at the end of November.  As soon as we were home, she started her search.

Right away, Char found a doggie in Mass that needed a new home – his family was putting him up for adoption on  Cooper’s family needed to find him a new home for lots of reasons, and they were all good ones and heartbreaking for his family.  He had been with his “mom” since he was a puppy (he is 11 now) and he had been well trained, very well cared for, and MUCH loved.  But sometimes circumstances change, and his family knew they couldn’t provide for Cooper the way he needed.  We brought him home on December 5th and have not looked back.

Cooper has been a delight to have as a part of our family.  The cats tolerate him, as only cats can.  He loves going on walks in the woods and loves running away to the neighbors (his other home had a fenced in yard – we do not.  So, when he is off his leash, he thinks it’s a free for all).  He has some girlfriends on our street, and he loves sleeping with Char every night!  We have learned that he is a couch potato (I mean, he IS an old man) and when we leave him alone, we have to take any food off the counter as he LOVES food and will find it.  We LOVE Cooper and are thankful everyday for such a good boy!!!!!

Let’s not talk about the laundry.

Day 16 and counting….

Social Distancing – Day 15 – A Diary

Monday – another rainy Monday!!!

Mondays are heavy workdays – I TRY to stay off my computer over the weekends to the best of my ability (which has been tough with cancelations and postponements of travel) so I have a lot to catch up on!


  1.  My Pinterest account is getting a lot of action!  I am pinning recipes that sound yummy for odd things I have in my pantry, bread recipes, garden designs (we took down our chicken coup last year and Char would like a garden there this year) and fun things for Char’s She Shed.  She wants a coastal design so I am having fun with that, too!!!
  2. My hair grows SO slow!!!!  Seriously – I have been “growing it out” for two+ years and I swear it is the same length as it was last year!  UGH!

On the left, April 2019. On the right, January 2020…yes, it HAS grown a little but SO SLOWLY!!!!!

In other news, at the beginning of the month of March, before social distancing was a thing, Kelton participated in the Maine SkillsUSA challenge at USM and earned a GOLD medal standing!!!!!  There were a few of the categories that took place before the main event (scheduled for the 20th but canceled) because they needed special equipment – his was CNC Milling Specialist.  He would be going to Nationals in Kentucky in June, but I am guessing those will be cancelled.

Kelton Medal



Also, Char has lost it and is making friends out of old lemons and some limes…..we might need some help here😊


As for me, I VOW to tackle my ridiculous laundry situation and STAY ON TOP OF IT!!!!  I’ll let you know how that goes!

Day 15 and counting….

Social Distancing – Days 12, 13 and 14 – A Diary

Friday – School in the morning, Denise worked and Kelly did some recording.

Kelton, Char and I headed to the barn to do stalls and Char rode 2 new horses and of course, check out the kittens!


Nala and her babies.


The adorable kittens! The little black and white one hisses a lot and the other one meows really loudly!!! They are so adorable!!

The weather was amazing!  And you know the best part…. Kelton made dinner!!!!!  Bacon and mac and cheese – a 17-year old’s dream!!!!


Bacon with Mac & Cheese! It was good!!!

Saturday and Sunday were like last weekend – Kelton and Kelly worked on filming our church service to play on Sunday, in the afternoon on Saturday we all went to the barn and finished stalls and played with cats!


Felix and Nala – they are nephew and aunt, I think but they love to snuggle!

Sunday we watched church together from our couch, watched too many NCIS episodes (Charlotte loves this show) and we started repainting our large room (hall, living room, dining room and kitchen are all one in our house) – photos to follow when we are done!

I THINK the pets enjoy having us home – they are getting more snuggles and time with the kids – but the cold rain Sunday kept us in all day so Cooper didn’t get his long walk in the woods – but he did enjoy (not) the thunderstorm last night – that was a crazy one!!


Me and Cooper hanging on the couch.


Elvis trying to fit on the cat couch – she’s a little big for it but darn cute!


Elvis getting a great snuggle from Char. Elvis just started doing this – she has never eally been a snuggler except with me – but she is branching out!

The most stress I have had during these last two weeks (aside from mitigating travel issues for clients) is allowing the 13 and 17-year old paint!  I am very Type A….so learning to let go a bit is a process for me – but everyone worked together, and it looks great!

We are all growing through this experience.  We are in it together and making the best of it!

Days 12, 13 and 14 and counting….

Social Distancing – Days 10 & 11 – A Diary

Wednesday and Thursday – Well – yesterday was so pretty out I played hooky from posting and did some outside chores and honestly, the days are kinda running together!

Wednesday was boring – Let’s face it – most days are going to be like Groundhog Day!!!  Wednesday was a Groundhog Day for us.  Char and I took Cooper for a long walk (Char rode the 4 wheeler) and while it was a bit brisk, we enjoyed a little outside time.


Cooper THINKS he wants to ride on the 4 wheeler….

Thursday, on the other hand, was SO nice!!!!!  I had a virtual BNI meeting (the first of many, I fear). Cooper and I sat outside and I did some training with Ponant (if you do not know about the fabulous luxury yacht options presented by Ponant – you are missing out – they even have a repositioning cruise from Boston to the Yucatan area every October at a GREAT price that I am DYING to take!!!) and updated my Royal Caribbean Training.  It was a productive day for me!

Cooper got to play with his friend Pippa – and they found a mud hole out back!  Luckily, they rinsed off nicely and could sit in the sun to dry! Char got some special snuggles with Elivs!


They found the mud!!! hahahah


Elivs is NOT a snuggler…but she has been really enjoying all of us being home.

Kelly, Kelton, Char and I started our big area beautification jobs for the year – we are clearing out our woods behind our yard area – mostly to make it look nicer – but also to open it up out there maybe to ride the 4 wheeler and so I can see the dog when he runs away:)


I am wondering when the clothes folding fairies are showing up!


Days 10 & 11 and counting….

Social Distancing – Day 9 – A Diary

It snowed last night.  We knew it was coming and it was pretty, but it is always a shock to wake up in spring and see snow.  The nice thing about a spring snow is that is melts quickly and it has.


My back yard.


Char’s chair and flamingos!

Having two kids has been advantageous for us for lots of reasons – we can divide and conquer; everyone has a hand to hold; and we have done life in an EVEN and ODD day system for as long as I can remember.  What is this, you ask?  Well, Kelton has EVEN days of the year, Char has ODD days of the year – this is for good things and for “bad” things.  Let me explain…if it is your DAY (odd or even) you get to unload the dishwasher, pick what is on TV (with limitations), perhaps do an extra chore that may be needed or get a bonus activity depending on what is going on.  We have used this method for taking out the trash, picking the next ride at Disney and where we go to dinner (if mom and dad do not already have a plan).  This “system” has been a lifesaver for us and it has really cut down on the bickering that is natural between siblings.  If there is a question about who does what or when or how, the answer is almost always – is it an odd or even day?

So today, we are starting an enrichment plan with the kids.   We find we have a lot of free time on many days (which will diminish when the weather gets nicer and we move to outside chores as a family) and we don’t want the kids squandering this opportunity to try new things….and we don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to do new things with the kids as well!  When it is your day (odd or even) you have to pick an “enrichment” activity.  Ideas for enrichments so far: wood working, painting, metal working, cooking/meal planning, learning a language or enhancing language skills, sewing, a geography game, workout/yoga/dance class online, and survival skills.  I am absolutely open to more ideas!!!!!

In the news….I still have only been to the barn in 12 days and I dropped my phone in the toilet!  I retrieved it quickly and washed it and thankfully, all is well!

Day 9 and counting….

Social Distancing – Day 8 – A Diary

Mondays are….well, Mondays!

School started in earnest today – the kids had assignments posted on their online classrooms and did school between 8:30 and 11ish.  I worked and Kelly did his staff check in.

I have to say that we are really taking this laying low thing pretty well.  Maybe we are just boring people, but doing home projects (starting to paint our big room this week and been slowly doing some outside projects as the weather allows), playing games, watching family movies, having everyone pitch in a bit more with chores and generally chilling out seems to be our jam!  Yesterday was a good day with the kids not being too disgruntled by not seeing their friends and it actually snowed!

Char went to the barn to exercise Syllabus and I got some barn kitty snuggles.  There are always animal snuggles at home happening, too – I think the animals like it that we are all home – at least the dog does!


Kelly and I checked in on a few folks from church that we are buddying with during these days of isolation – it’s tough to be alone on a good day and for many, these aren’t good days.  Please remember to check in with your neighbors, friends and family members.  Not everyone is OK, and that is OK.  We need to be there for each other!!!!

Also, my 17 year old is bored.  He would love to make some rings for people.  He is wonderful at it and even started his own ETSY store.  Check it out!  


Day 8 and counting….

Social Distancing – Days 6 & 7 – A Diary

This weekend was relaxed.  We enjoyed the sun, took walks, painted, decided which movie series we were going to start watching when we get bored, and ordered out from one of our local restaurants (Johnson’s in North Berwick).

We’ve had some social meltdowns (the kids still struggle with not being in proximity with their friends) and we continue to try to make the best of what is on our plate.  We are thankful for the time that we have to spend together!  Char was bored this weekend and started making note of how long each toe was!!

We played our first family game of Sorry in a while – I won!!!  Hahahaha – that almost never happens!

Our movie list includes…the Jurassic Park/World Series, Twilight, the Pirates of the Caribbean, Hunger Games, Divergent Series, Maze Runner Series, the Bourne Series, Mission Impossible Series, the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Series, Oceans Series, Narnia Series, Star Trek (all of them), X-Men Series, Marvel Universe and DC Universe movies, Matrix Series, Fast and Furious Series, Shrek Series, Star Wars (all of them), Ice Age Series, Planet of the Apes Series, Indian Jones Series, Harry Potter Series, Back to the Future Series, Night at the Museum Series, Madagascar Series, Toy Story Series – we do NOT own all these movies so we will have to see what is on Netflix and such!  But this should keep us busy for a while!!  And with the snow coming tomorrow night…….can we cancel homeschool????

Our first weekend and counting….


Watching our neighbor’s dog out the window – they play until Cooper gets worn out!!!


Let’s go!!!!


Soaking up the sun…beach chair and plastic pink flamingos!!

Social Distancing – Day 5 – A Diary


Day 5…another cooler day at the start and rainy.  Cooper was driving us nuts wanting to go out.  Now that the weather is getting “nicer”, all he wants is to be outside – which is great BUT he wants us out there with him – and when it is drizzly and 38 degrees, that is a no-go!

The kids are starting to get schedules for virtual school starting again Monday – thank goodness!!!

We finished doing the stalls at the barn, Char had a riding lesson and Cooper got to go for a walk in the woods (with 1 tick found and removed).

Here is a picture diary of our day (I think I will do this when I am writing on the weekends if the weather is nice – like today – need to get outside!!!)


Clearly, it is business as usual around here!!!


Carlos the Ball Python needed some exercise.


Up close with this handsome guy!


Zuzu waiting for Carlos to become dinner!!!


Cooper and I out for our walk in the woods!


Char and Syllabus


Cantering shakes off the germs!


Blacky wanted some attention.


She is a pretty girl!!!


Char got to visit the baby kitties – almost 3 weeks old. There are two kittens whose mom is Nala.


They are adorable little fur balls!



Day 5 and counting….

Social Distancing – Day 4 – A Diary

Day 4…rainy days in the late winter and early spring are hard.  We rejoice in the sun this time of year and yesterday, it was dreary and cold.

Cooper was restless being cooped up inside as were we all…so we tried to shake things up a bit for him.


Drying off snuggles.

Cooper got his first bath.


He looks a little sheepish but he seemed to like it! And he is so soft now!!!

Char worked on puzzles.


Finished 1 and started another – Disney’s Villians.

I worked on rebooking clients and doing quotes for fall 2020 and 2021 (people are looking forward to traveling soon and it is a great time to book).

Kelly worked on church stuff and finished Char’s she shed supply list (say that 5 times fast).

We watched Survivor together and the kids had some great burgers for dinner and Kelly and I had some collard greens, potatoes and bacon (Misfits Market collard greens – what else would I use them for?  BACON!!!)!!!  I can’t believe I have been watching Survivor for 20 years off and on.  Now my kids love the show.  Time is a strange thing!


You can’t see it all – but I promise there are copious amounts of bacon in there!!!

I am wondering now if I can wear the SAME sweatpants for 8 weeks and no one will know.  And I need to find that motivation to hit the basement gym – although if we keep going to the barn to do stalls, I think that will count as my workout!!!

Ended the day with Coopie snuggles!  This isn’t so bad!


Day 4 and counting….