Perks and Recreation – Episode 4 – Touring Day 2 cont… – Sandals Montego Bay and Royal Caribbean

After departing South Coast, we took a bus across the island back towards the Montego Bay area to tour the flagships of the Sandals’ brand in Jamaica – Montego Bay and Royal Caribbean. 

Sandals Royal Caribbean – just 15 minutes from the airport makes this Sandals a very popular destination, especially for quick 4 or 5 night trips.  The proximity to the airport also leads to the occasional very loud plane noise, but some people can easily over look this.  Folks staying there told me that after a day or so, they really didn’t notice it any more!

Sandals Royal Caribbean boasts not only the only private island resort in Jamaica, but also those gorgeous Over the Water Bungalows – and I got to tour one!!!!!  So cool!!!!  Look, here’s the thing – these Over the Water Bungalows are ELITE Butler service accommodations – they are EXPENSIVE (think approximately $1500/day PER PERSON) and the SELL OUT two years in advance!!!!  I’m not kidding!!!!!

Sandals Montego Bay – another smaller resort with a nice beach and well appointed rooms.  I LOVED the ones that were closest to the ocean with the swim out rooms and large soaking tubs!  Our tour guide said that when these soaking tub upgrades were complete, they hadn’t put any type of screens of curtains up on the patios and balconies.  Needless to say, privacy curtains were added quickly to all the patios and balconies!

Sandals Montego Bay is literally right next door to the airport – again – the jet noise bothered me enough that I do not think I would like to stay at either Montego Bay OR Royal Caribbean -but that’s me!  However, the Montego Bay property had a SUPER fun and party vibe!  We saw games being played, music on the beach, volleyball, lots of visiting and friends making and an overall joyful and fun atmosphere!  I loved this! Oh and the Over the Water Chapel!!!

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