Tips for Traveling to Paris – Part 1


I have to admit that six years ago when I made my first trip to Europe, I came to Paris reluctantly.  I had heard it wasn’t friendly for Americans and I just wasn’t excited to visit.  I couldn’t have been more WRONG!  Here are some tips for traveling to Paris – but I think the info applies to any trip you take!

  1. Plan, plan, plan! Being a Travel Professional, I have access to thousands of great opportunities out there to get YOU to the destinations you want to visit!  In fact, I have had a couple of clients take advantage of great deals through one of my favorite vendors for 6 nights in Italy or Paris/Barcelona.  Hotel, round trip airfare and breakfast included for the bargain deal of approximately $800 per person.  YES – you read that right!  Want to know the catch?  It’s winter travel.  Guess what?  It’s winter at home….but the Notre Dame won’t come visit you!



9.  If you do your own planning, search everywhere and start early – our flights on Norwegian Air cost us a TOTAL for direct, round trip flights between Boston to Charles de Gaulle, $670 TOTAL for both of us!!!! That included us paying for a bag to go under the plane!  It’s not a scam.  Pack a backpack and go for it!!!

8.   Pack light – Packing is always a challenge.  I actually start packing a month ahead of time by slowly collecting things in my bedroom that I don’t want to forget.  They start a hill of random items on my window seat and I slowly weed out the things I really don’t “need” and keep the things I can’t live without.

7.  Packing for Paris – For this trip, since we were traveling on a low-cost airline (Norwegian Air), we had to be overly aware of our luggage. With the lowest fare, we each got a carry on (like a backpack or small rolling suitcase) and a personal item (like a small purse) – both items not to exceed 10 kilograms (22 pounds).  I brought 3 pairs of leggings, 3 tunics, something to sleep in and my unmentionables plus the clothes on my back.  One of the tickets we purchased was the slightly upgraded fare and for that we got a piece of luggage to stow under the plane.  Low cost airlines are FABULOUS – but read the fine print!  Seriously!!!



6.  Where to stay? If you don’t know, ask a professional (ME) or someone who has been – Paris is HUGE!  And there are definitely better places to stay than others.  Our AirBnB was in Saint Germain-du-Pres – an awesome location with a lot of street life and close to EVERYTHING!  Our AirBnB was around $150 per night (others were less expensive but we loved the location and wanted a place with its own washer and dryer).  There was a gorgeous hotel right across the street for about $150 per night if staying in someone’s apartment isn’t your style.  You can find deals, too – like getting a package price from a Travel Professional (ME).  Just ask!  I’ll give it to you straight!

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Up next, Part 2!  Don’t go too far!

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