Expedition Amsterdam – Arrival Day

Last May, we saw a great deal on a four night trip to Amsterdam.  As we had never been before, we decided to ask some friends to join us and take on this new adventure!  Here is a glimpse of our trip day by day.

Overnight flights can be rough – but this one was direct and we arrived in Amsterdam at 8:30am local time and hit the ground running.

We took a taxi to our hotel – IBIS Amsterdam City West – checked in (we were fortunate that our rooms were ready so early in the morning) and headed out to explore the city around 12:30pm.


Our adorable “double” room at the Ibis Amsterdam City West. Comfy and quaint.


No bells and whistles, but certainly clean and comfortable including a lovely breakfast each morning.


This bathroom is neat – it is like a bathroom “pod” – it reminded me of a cruise ship bathroom.

We bought a four day transportation pass (24 Euros each) and took the bus into Amsterdam Central (about a 15 minute ride).  From there, we explored the inner canal area, including the Red Light District and surrounding areas.  We ate an early dinner then headed back to our hotel around 6pm.  All and all, it was a bonus day that we enjoyed, getting our bearings, seeing the Red Light District during the day and figuring out the layout of the canal rings.  Tomorrow – the Jordaan District and Anne Frank Museum.

Here is a picture Diary of the day – the PG-13 version!


Our first photo upon arrival.


Well, this sums up Amsterdam – a cannabis shop, a snack shop and “Pimp” Steak! All that is missing is a Waffle or Pancake shop!!!


Truer words were never spoken for me!


I enjoyed hearing these guys clipping and clopping along during the day.


Classic canal pic!


Our first selfie.


Red Light District – and I thought Vegas was a bit racy:)


Beautiful architecture.


I love this.


I mean, wow!!!


American tourists!!!


I can handle snorting chocolate – yes, folks, snorting chocolate! That is right up my alley!


As evening settles.


Canal at night.


Venice of the north!


Crepe number one in the books!!!!!

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