Expedition Amsterdam – Day 4

Well, we have come to our last day – and I think the timing is just right!  We really did SO much on this trip and it was absolutely amazing!  I think for us, a four day stay was just right – enough to learn how to get around the city, see some major highlights, wander around winding streets and canals, and think about the things we haven’t yet seen.

Today we did our final Rick Steves’ audio tour and this one was about and through the Red Light District.  This is the oldest section of Amsterdam and a place not for the faint of heart.  As Americans, we are often rather sheltered in our everyday lives, and the Red Light District of Amsterdam makes Fremont Street in Las Vegas look like kindergarten!  As this is a family show, I won’t post any pictures or give you many descriptors here, but let’s just say the folks in Amsterdam embrace their ability to live a life less restrained by a government attempting to impose and enforce moral values.  For what it’s worth, it seems to be working in Amsterdam.

We visited the Jordaan neighborhood again today, strolled back and forth, in and out of the Red Light District, “Chinatown”, the old city, the Damstraat area and everywhere in between.  All told today, we took over 18,000 steps!!!  We ate some more of the famous Amsterdam French fries, I tried a waffle with chocolate and “caramel” (but is actually tasted like melted circus peanuts) and enjoyed dinner at a small Pad Thai place.  We even popped into a pub near the Jordaan that had Oriental RUGS on the tables instead of table clothes.  It was different!

We have explored a lot of this really cool city, but there is still a lot to do for another trip!   Until next time, Amsterdam!  Keep doin’ YOU!


I love the mugs at our hotel!!!


The architecture is so captivating!!!!


One of the tidal flow gates – they open and close to allow “fresh” water to clean out the canals and help to control water levels.


Kelly’s “Polish” smile and my “American” smile at the Anne Frank house.


The Westerkerk in the distance.


So many people say, “I don’t want to travel to Europe in the winter because it will be cold”. Well, it was in the 40s and 50s while we were here. There were numerous flowers blooming and plants budding. There were fewer crowds and great prices. Why wouldn’t want to travel to Europe in the winter?


Classic Amsterdam hooks and pulleys throughout the city – and we even saw some in use during our visit!


What a view!


Check out the houseboat roofs! There are some 2500 houseboats in Amsterdam – some are for sale for over a million dollars! WHAT!!!


I really loved taking pictures of the Westerkerk.


Here is the pub with the carpets on the table.


It was a little strange – anyone ever hear of this or seen this before?


The “best” French fries in the city?? Well, the fires were great but we liked the sauce from another fry place. This one had 24 different options!


Ah, the Amsterdam waffle – and boy, was it good!!!!


My favorite traveling companion and I.


In the old city.

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