Wurzburg, Germany

Oh, Wurzburg – what a gorgeous city.  Our 4th stop on our Rhine and Main Christmas Market River Cruise was the city of Wurzburg.  This place had it all!  A palace (Wurzburg Residence), a fortress (Fortress Marienberg) and wineries as far as the eye can see – literally!  They also had a wonderful Christmas Market, but it was almost secondary to everything else there was to see!

Our first stop in Wurzburg was the Residence.  This palace of the prince-bishops of Bavaria was modeled after Versailles and you can see it immediately as you tour!  Photos were not permitted inside, but I got some gorgeous pictures through the rain of the small but amazing gardens.


The Residence – looks like a compact version of Versailles.


The gardens…


I bet they are amazing during the spring and summer!

We headed back to the boat for lunch, then began walking – over to the “Old Stone Bridge” where every day, locals gather to enjoy the company of friends and a glass of the local wine.  We hiked up to the fortress – an imposing structure – that is surrounded by vinyards and walking paths.  The view of the town from the Fortress was amazing and it was worth the climb!


The Fortress! And a fortress it was!


Very Cinderella-esque!


Well, my German is pretty rusty, but I think we get the point!!


We took the meandering walk down into the village after visiting the fortress. The hillside (and hillsides as far as the eye can see) are sprawling vineyards!


A look down towards the river – that is our river boat in the distance!


Statue in the vineyard.


From the bottom – a look towards the fortress.

We strolled back over the Old Stone Bridge, partook in the local tradition of a drink, then found our way to beautiful Christmas Markets throughout the old city.  All in all, it was a great day with fabulous sights and memories to last a lifetime!!!!


I am standing on the Old Stone Bridge here – getting ready to enjoy my glass of wine!


Europeans take their wine consumption seriously – there are STIFF fines if an establishment gives you a short pour! Same applies to beer!


This photo really captures the day – two glasses of white wine, enjoyed amongst new friends, with a breathtaking fortress in the background! THIS is why I travel!!!!

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