Social Distancing – Days 29 and 30 – A Diary

Monday and Tuesday….Monday it rained a lot!!!

Tuesday was a much nicer day AND we were busy!

Cooper had a playdate with one of the little girls in our neighborhood.  She loves Coop and wanted to take him for a walk and play ball with him!  He had a great time and I think she did, too!

The She Shed got some work done on it…the front wall is up and Kelly worked on making the trusses.  It is coming along.


Kelton has been firing up his 3D printer lately and decided to make a vase for me.  It took over 24 hours to print and it looks really cool, but it doesn’t hold water!  Hahahahah


Finally, we had our first night of Destination Dining Tuesday night.  This was to be our school’s April break, and while we didn’t have plans to go anywhere, we decided to each take a night and pick a place to make a meal from.  I started with France (surprise).  We had a fabulous dinner of French Onion Soup, Ratatouille and Filet Mignon with Bearnaise Sauce.  UM….it was fabulous with the evening’s entertainment of 30 Interesting French Facts.

Tomorrow night Kelton is on deck for Tikka Masala.  I can’t wait!

Days 29 and 30 and counting….

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