Social Distancing – Days 47-49 – A Diary

Friday, Saturday and Sunday – Friday started out wet but it brought a gorgeous weekend!!!

So, thinking back – I feel like the days run together so I am having a hard time remembering what I did on Friday – WOW!  So I’ll move onto Saturday!  Hahahahah

Saturday Kelly and Kelton were on the church crew and were gone most of the day.  In the morning, I worked in the garden creating some terraces in an area of the garden that has always been a sore spot, and then finished it up after Char’s lesson Saturday afternoon – final pictures when mulched to follow!!!


That night, we had an AMAZING summer dinner with a huge Delmonico steak and beef short ribs on the grill.  I made a caprese salad and also made some tin foil potatoes with butter and red onion to have on the grill also!  It was a fabulous dinner!!!!

Sunday work continued on the She Shed with trim and roof strapping.  Char helped me clear out an old fire pit and we are getting ready to burn some brush later this week.  I also made another tripod for growing vines from some of the small trees we cut down and finally got some of our fairy lights put up from last year.  Moving right along…


Elvis decided she needed a vacation!


Days 47-49 and counting….

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