Social Distancing – Days 54-56 – A Diary

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Again – the days run together – but I find myself purposefully staying off my computer if I can help it on the weekends.   It is a bit of a reprieve and I am cherishing that time!

Friday was a pretty nice day if I remember – Char did her lesson with Syllabus and they did a fabulous job!  She is constantly impressing me with her riding skills and I love the confidence it gives her!  Kelly also worked on the wiring for the She Shed.


Felix at the barn.  Such a handsome boy and so sweet!

Saturday – well – Saturday it SNOWED!!!!  It was windy and it snowed!  I can almost count on snow in April, but May is pushing it and I did not appreciate it!  No work outside got done as Kelton and Kelly worked at church recording Sunday service and in the afternoon, I volunteered with a handful of other ladies outside our church (distancing and masked) handing out carnations and crafts to families who wanted to do something special for mom.  After I got home, I cooked and baked for seven hours to get my own moms their Mother’s Day gifts ready.

Sunday was a pretty day but cool and still very windy.  For each of my moms here (I have a wonderful mother-in-law in Washington who I could not spoil in this way – but I love her and am very blessed by her wisdom, example and love) I made a bacon and cheddar quiche, hydrangea cupcakes and banana bread.  Kelton made them blueberry scones and Char made lemonie brownies.  We also had a basket stuffed with other brunch goodies and I made them each a small bird feeder made with parts from one of Char’s old tea sets.

We delivered our brunch to my mom and step-mom, distance visited outside for a short time, then sat in our car at Hampton Beach and ate a meat and cheese lunch, then visited my sister (and brought her goodies).  It was a tiring but wonderful day!  My own family blessed me with a wonderful back massager (which is going to come in mighty handy with my frozen shoulder) and my sweet son and his thoughtful girlfriend got me a 3 month subscription to a coffee club with coffees from around the world!!!  AMAZING!  The first coffee is from Burundi and I am so excited to try it!!!

Oh – I DID finish my garden steps project!  I love how it turned out!!!!

It was a great weekend….and my bed is covered in clothes I need to fold!  hahahahaha

Days 54-56 and counting….

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