Social Distancing – Days 59 & 60 – A Diary

Wednesday and Thursday…both pretty days and windy.

Honestly, I do not know where the days are going.

Wednesday, I had my Physical Therapy intake in Portsmouth and stopped by the garden center on the way home to get my annuals.  When I got home, we went to the barn and did stalls and then I came home and planted my annual pots.  Work continues on the mulch distribution.


Char loves grooming Syllabus and I think he loves it, too!

Thursday, I had my first injection in my shoulder.  It is still achy, but PT starts next week, and I am hopeful I can get this repair in gear.  I learned that the reason THIS shoulder is probably more sore down my arm and into my shoulder blade is because my x-rays noted a bone spur/bursitis which is making this frozen shoulder more inflamed.  Just my luck!  I also learned that some people are prone to frozen shoulder and while I believed that once I had it in each arm, I wouldn’t get it again, I was wrong.  It can be reoccurring.  I asked what the contributing factors to this could be and the Doc told me Type 2 Diabetes, women 40+  years of age, pre/peri menopausal and cancer.  Only one of those I can control!

Char fishing

To happier news – Char and Kelly got to go fishing and I finished with my annuals.

Days 59 & 60 and counting….

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