Celebration at Sea – Day 1

A couple months after I turned 40, my family and I took an amazing vacation to Europe to celebrate!  That vacation was exactly five years ago and I am reliving those wonderful memories through Facebook and it makes my heart soar!  I have wanted to revisit that vacation with all of you and thought this would be a great opportunity to do so.

A little information before we dive in….2013 was my very first trip to Europe.  We went in March and spent roughly a week each in Paris, Argenton-sur-Creuse (French countryside), London and Scotland.  We flew to Paris, stayed in the Latin Quarter, took the train to Limoges, it was a fabulous trip – we made so many amazing memories and we couldn’t wait to return.

Fast forward to 2015 and we decided to do a 16-night Mediterranean cruise to celebrate my 40th.  Well, who wants to sail the Med in February?  So we found a Royal Caribbean ship (the Anthem of the Seas) that was debuting in May and we signed up!!!

We decided to rent a house in the suburbs of London prior to our cruise and invited Kelly’s brother and his family to join us.  It was so much fun!!!  Full of magic, charm, hiccups and adventure!

Join me as I relive this whirl wind trip with YOU and take a journey down memory lane to the most amazing vacation I have ever taken!  If you want to see lots in the Med, take a cruise!!!  It’s the way to go!

Our day one was April 30th 2015.  We arrived in London after an overnight flight and got a taxi to our London suburb.  The house was adorable – named Jubilee because it was built during Queen Victoria’s Jubilee year!

Here are a few pictures of our arrival day!  We usually try to chill a bit on arrival days and we were also expecting the arrival of Nick, Marta and baby Sophia – we took some walks to get aquainted with the area and the kids and I TRIED to take the tube to the city, but we were all tired and bailed!  hahahaha

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