Celebration at Sea – Gibraltar

After two days at sea (I think) – on May 9th we arrived in Gibraltar.

I didn’t have many expectations for Gibraltar – so I was pleasantly surprised with everything!

We did the touristy stuff – got a taxi to take up into the hills, had monkeys sit on our shoulders, explored British defense tunnels and spied AFRICA from the mountain tops!  AFRICA!!!! To someone who spent the first 38 years of her life mainly on the North American continent (with a few trips to the Caribbean and South America), seeing Africa blew my mind!!!  Now to actually GET there!!!

Here’s what did and saw in Gibraltar!


The ROCK!!


Gorgeous Spanish and Moorish influences in the architecture!


Sable holding on for dear life!


My handsome buddy!


That land behine Char….AFRICA!!!!


Kelton loved the ROCK!


Long lost bros!


New friends!


My new buddy…don’t be fooled – they wanted the treat the taxi driver had for them – otherwise they would take stuff from you – glasses, hats, purses – they were stinkers!


The Anthem behind Char – you can actually SEE our porthole – we were in one of the rooms on the forward starboard corner – pretty cool!

Our next stop…Barcelona!

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