Social Distancing – Days 88-94 – A Diary

UGH – OK – I am kinda over this.

It’s like groundhog day again but now the weather is nice.

I am not complaining.  I love the gorgeous weather, but seriously – nothing new is going on!

The She Shed is done, the gardens are just being maintained, school is done.

Char is still going to the barn.  She is seeing her “inner circle” of BFFs.

Kelton started work this week.

Kelly is working harder than ever with in-person outdoor church services begining next week.

I am starting to get more and more inquiries for travel for next year.

The kittens at the barn are growing!

I am thinking I will start updating the Social Distancing Diary every week….soorner if anything goes on!

In the meantime, happy Father’s Day on Sunday and I will leave you with a few evening pictures of my gardens.  Enjoy.


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