New Tattoos


69256412_10157858930845715_5477274915306471424_nI’ve been chewing on this post for almost a year now.  The meaning this picture had for me back then is not entirely different than it is now, but for many, I think these words MUST sink in if our humanity can persist.

I do not understand why so many people I know think their opinion overrides that of others.  Have we become so selfish and so self rightous that we cannot consider or accept ideas that diverge from our own?  That we result to hate, opinionated actions and divisive speech?  It is a shameful state of things.

Too many words will do this photo injustice, so I will end by saying that I strive to use positive words in speaking to everyone.  I want my speach to be beautiful and reflect the beauty I see in all things.  It is ALL about persepctive and I choose to have a perspective focused on love.

What words would be boldest on your skin?

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