Disney 2020 – Follow the Rules or Stay Home

I’ve always been a rule follower.  There have been a handful of times when I have not followed the rules and the the consequences were terrible – I will continue to follow the rules!

Right now, the world is full of extra rules.  For some people, that is comforting.  For others, it makes them stir crazy.  I would fall in between.

If you are unable or unwilling to follow the rules at Disney, please stay home.  Don’t ruin this once in a lifetime experience for the rest of us because you are too selfish do to what is asked of you.

When you agree to go to Disney during this time, you agree to the rules set forth by Disney to create a safer experience.  Here is an overview of some of the rules;

 1.  Masks must be worn at all times EXCEPT when you are ACTIVELY eating or drinking AND you must be STATIONARY (you cannot walk around and eat or drink with your mask off).

We had no troubles with this at all – only once when we were seated and not ACTIVELY eating or drinking did someone say (politely) we had to keep our masks on.  It was NOT – and if you have breathing problems or asthma, for example, going to Florida at the end of August would not be the best idea.  But EVERYONE we saw was compliant – even the 2 and 4 year old cousins we were traveling with – they did AMAZING!!!!!


Everyone wore masks ALL day except when eating or drink while STATIONARY.

2.  You must maintain physical distancing. 

I love the signage and people say PHYSICAL distancing, NOT social distancing.  This was easy for everyone to understand and for the most part, people did a great job at keeping space!  We were a large part – sometimes up to 10 of us, but we stayed together and were only questioned a few times about the size of our party.  This is one great reason to wear the same shirts!!!  Everyone knew we were part of the same group!


The queue at Expedition Everest

MK 1

3.  Your temperature will be checked every day before entering the park.  If y our temperature is at or above 100.4, you and your party will be asked to go to another tent close by for monitoring and additional steps may be taken.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t TOTALLY happy ever time we passed the temperature screening every day.  Let’s face it, you can have a temperature for a million other reasons than COVID, and all those reasons will keep you AND YOUR PARTY out of the park if someone has a sustained temperature.  I think this is great – because how many people force their sick family members into the park because they “paid a lot for this trip” and will endanger everyone else with their germs!  Is this method 100% fol proof – nope.  But it sure helps!!!

At Disney, there were plenty of rules we had to follow.  I thought they were acceptable rules to not only encourage a more hygienic environment, but also the get on with life during a pandemic.  We cannot reasonably remain quarantined forever.  Life must go on and Disney is making it happen.

2 thoughts on “Disney 2020 – Follow the Rules or Stay Home

  1. I think it’s a really reasonable choice to postpone your trip if following the rules would make the trip not worth it to you. That way, it’s safe for everyone who is willing to follow them.


    • Amy – I agree 100%! There are a dozen reasons why Disney is not the best idea for SOME folks right now, not the least of which is masks, for example. For us, it was perfect, but everyone has to make a decision they are comfortable conforming to!! Thanks for your input! I appreciate it!


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