Disney 2020 – The Nitty Gritty

So many people were surprised when I told them we were going through with our planned trip to Disney last week.  I kept hoping Disney would remain open so we could go!!!

People were worried about the plane ride.

People were worried that Florida is a hot bed of COVID and that we were taking necessary risks.

People were worried that others wouldn’t follow the rules.

Some people just worry.

That’s not us!  And we knew that Disney would not only be the happiest place on earth; we knew it would also be the cleanest!

During our week at Disney we saw physical distancing markers at ALL the rides and we were encouragement to follow procedures from Cast Members when we forgot (it is easy to fall back on norms and crowd the people in front of you when you are excited).


The queue at Soarin.


Physical distancing on the monorails – quick and easy!


A great example of the physical distanced queues in line for Rockin’ Roller Coaster.


The queue at Expedition Everest

At every ride entrance and exit and ALL over the parks and resorts, there were not only hand sanitizer stations, but also hand WASH stations with soap.  Along with marked physical distancing queues for rides, food pick up and purchasing merch at stores, many of the loading areas and queue areas have physical barriers to promote distancing.

Every ride is sanitized in a rotation with specially formulated spray every two-ish hours.  We were able to witness this first hand on Flight of Peter Pan.

Character encounters were different, but we loved each one!!!


Our dinner at the Garden Grill in The Land at EPCOT was one of the best meals EVER!


And we had so much fun with our “friends”!!


A carriage full of princesses at EPCOT!!!!!


I met Alice at the Great Britain pavilion.


Even the Cast Members got into the fun!


A character “experience” with Captain Jack Sparrow!


Anna and Elsa at EPCOT!

Friends, life is full of calculated risks; smoking, sunbathing/outside sports, riding a bike or motorcycle without a helmet, jay-walking, being in a car without a seat belt.  The list goes on.  We gambled on the quality of the experience we have come to count on with Disney and we were NOT disappointed!!!

Is this a time for everyone to travel?  No.  You should not travel if you feel uncomfortable traveling.  You should not travel if you are unwilling or unable to follow the rules set forth by the airlines or your destination.  For us, this trip was a no brainer and we were rewarded for our adventurous spirit!!

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