Time Travel with Teens

When your first child turns 18, you start to believe in time travel.

When your kids are young, babies even, you wonder if you will ever be yourself again. As much as you love this little human you created, you reminisce about days sleeping in, eating your dinner while it’s still warm, and doing life on your own schedule and not someone else’s. When they are toddlers, you wonder if their speech is emerging at the “right” pace, if they are potty training “on time”, and if they are good sharers.

In school, you want them to be good students, helpful and kind, but more importantly, you want them to have friends. As teens, you pray that they start putting together all the lessons you have tried to teach them. You hope they are responsible, giving, and thoughtful young people. You worry for every heartbreak (when a relationship ends or a close friend’s parent passes away) and feel all their hurts along with them, whether they believe that or not. You know all their schemes and bad choices before they do because you were a teen once upon a time!

The hardest part of being a parent of an emerging adult is that you see all their life’s possibilities on display before them – an infinite chasm of choices, actions, reactions, and consequences (good and bad). And yet, they see only tomorrow. This is time travel with teens and it lasts forever and passes in the blink of an eye, all at the same time.

My first born, my son, my precious boy turns 18 today and it is bitter sweet. I am not a sentimental mom, but this is a milestone in anyone’s life and I celebrate it with joy, love, and anticipation. Kelton came into the world as a 4 month old! Weighing in at 10lbs, 12oz, he has always been larger than life! He has always been a pensive fellow; aware of other people’s feelings. He is smart, adventurous, and a tinkerer – and can learn how to do and fix anything! He is a Scout Master’s conference away from his Eagle Scout achievement and excels at anything he puts his mind to.

He is a joy and we have so much hope for his future! Whatever path he chooses, we will be there with him!

Kelton, we are so proud of you. Here are some photos that I cherish among all things!

If there was ever a picture that personified Kelton, his sense of humor, and his fun outlook on life, this senior picture takes the cake!!

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