Destinations with Daughters – Waning West – Day 4

Departing our Bed and Breakfast in South Dakota was another gorgeous start! We loved the porch of our Bed and Breakfast – White Tail Ridge.

It had snowed overnight (like the previous two nights on our trip) and while the roads were a little slow going at first, a drive through the Black Hills was breathtaking and worth the extra time! Our first stop shortly after leaving our B&B was Mount Rushmore – we did pay the $10 to park at the monument to get a few great pictures. Mount Rushmore looked like it had been sprinkled with powdered sugar.

We hit two state borders – Wyoming and Montana.

The drive to Yellowstone through the Black Hills was amazing, but as we approached Livingstone, Montana on I-90, the winds were high and there was a lot of concentrating going on! We were happy to reach Yellowstone just after dark and begin our two nights and one full day enjoying American’s oldest National Park!

Total Miles = 565

States = South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana

Hours on the road = 10 (including stops and sight seeing)

Average Temperature = 28

Coffees = 1

Playlist = Hamilton the Musical (three times), The Best of the Beatles, James Taylor and 80’s hits. We also began listening to a book – Slathbog’s Gold – the first book in the Adventurers Wanted Series by M.L. Forman

Major Landmarks = Mount Rushmore, Black Hills National Forest, Crazy Horse Memorial, we wanted to do Custer National Park but many of the roads were closed because of the snow the night before, Yellowstone National Park.

Speed Traps passed = 1

People not wearing masks in public places = 3 (in small town South Dakota at a gas stop but all employees wore masks.

Gas bought = $44.00

Extras = $19.40…parking, post cards, coffee and ice cream

Hotel – total for TWO nights at Yellowstone – $400.00 at the Mammoth Hotel and Cabins. We stayed in the main hotel and it was GORGEOUS! Very classic Victorian era style and our room was comfortable, well appointment with a sweet bathroom! I would absolutely stay there again.

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