Paris Diaries….The Arrival


Friday night, my daughter and I embarked on a fantastic journey!  Since September, we have been planning a little mother-daughter adventure to Paris!  My family visited Paris six years ago and for about the past two years, my daughter has been asking to go back.  I found some fabulous airfares on Norwegian Air, booked us an AirBnB and here we go!  Paris or Bust!!

We will only have four nights in Paris, so we are jamming it full of activities, sightseeing and food!!!  Our plans included the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, climbing the towers of Notre Dame, a bike tour of Paris, visiting Jardin des Plantes, Disneyland Paris, walking around the Latin Quarter and making our way to Montmartre.  All tickets have been purchased ahead of time to avoid any queues and even though it’s winter – it’s winter in Maine where I live, so the 40 degree days of Paris in January will be like a heat wave!!!  Oh and I have been brushing up on my French!

Here is a picture diary of our first day – well, half a day since we arrived in Paris at the airport around 10am and made it to the city via train around noonish…..


The arrival!!!!


Char with the famous Louvre glass pyramid!


This is the art hanging in the pyramid right now – it is a “throne” that was created by artificial intelligence. The message is that we need to be wary of AI – foretelling of a time when AI will take over the world hence, the throne.


Mona Lisa! Look at that smile!


A mosaic floor – part of the Islamic Art display at the Louvre! Talk about impressive – this example was HUGE!


A shot of the towers of Notre Dame from Ponte du Carrousel.


A rose shaped gelato for my princess!


This is the wonderful street action just around the corner from our AirBnB!


We pop out of the metro and the phone comes out!!!

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