AirBnBs…my thoughts!

Being a travel agent, I often get asked to book AirBnBs.  I can’t do this for you, and some travel agents might steer you away from AirBnBs because they can’t make any money off of it, but I won’t do that.  It seems hypocritical.  There are definitely times when AirBnBs just don’t work for me – when we went to Quebec, a hotel was better – it was cheaper and more convenient!  When we go to Disney, we stay ON Disney property.  We’re going to Vegas in April and we are saying on the strip!  But if the opportunity arises that an AirBnb works best, I will jump on it!

For our trip to Paris, an AirBnB was perfect!  It was affordable, it allowed us to stay closer to the action (we are staying in the Latin Quarter just a few blocks away from Notre Dame and across the Seine from the Louvre), it allows us to make some meals at home and one of the best features…we pick AirBnBs that have a washing machine – so we can pack lighter!  An important feature when you are traveling during the winter months!

Our host, Marjolaine, was super responsive to questions, very helpful with tips, and set us up perfectly with directions and anything we needed!  Her father, Carlos and his wife, Jacy, met us at the apartment and explained everything we needed to know.  Carlos made me a coffee while he explained the ins and outs of the apartment, gave us personal recommendations for places to eat and see and generally made us feel welcome, safe and cared for.  I have their phone number and can reach out with any needs if one arises and we feel very at home here!

Here are some pictures of our AirBnB.  In case you love it and want to stay here, this is the link to check it out!


This compact AirBnB is perfect for 2 or 3 people! Check out that drawing loft above the kitchen!


The view from the front door. Living room straight ahead, bedroom on the left and bathroom on the right.


The beautiful windows looking out over a courtyard and the city rooftops!


The ADORABLE bedroom!


Rooftops GALORE! We are on the 7th floor – there is an elevator that gets us to the 5th floor and we walk the rest of the way!


Char, two windows down!


From our windows, you can see the top of the Eiffel Tower!!!! A lovely surprise!

We have had great luck so far in our AirBnB experiences – we have stayed in half a dozen at least in France, Italy and the UK and have enjoyed each experience!  If you have any questions about a stay at an AirBnB, let me know.

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