Bamburg, Germany

The vineyards continued as we sailed further into the Bavarian region of Germany.  Bamburg is another city with much of its historical architecture intack and as it was built on seven hills surround the Main, the views from the cathedral and fortress were breathtaking!


This is the view from the hill that the cathedral sits on.  This has got to be one of the most stunning photos I have ever taken!!!!

Bamburg is known for its famous mills and wine and a unique beer – smoked beer or Rauchbier!  There is one particular pub in town that sells it and of course, we had to check it out!  We poured over two of the famous hills of Bamburg, wound our way thorught the ancient old city streets, sipped Rauchbier in the Christmas Market and felt like we belonged!

Here are my favorite pictures from this beautiful stop on the Main.


A look into the village from one of the seven hills!


A look upwards towards the bell tower of the fortress.


Quaint neighborhoods are all around the old town.


I’ve heard that allowing vines to grow on the outsides of buildings is not good for the building (you can see these are cleverly trellissed). I don’t think these guys know that – and I’m glad – because it is beautiful!


My hubby trying out the smoked beer!


An iconic Bamburg view of one of the most famous mills.


I loves these details…this handsome little fellow holds back shutters.

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