Do you have those places that are your unicorn destinations?  I have a few….and mine are all based on history – if you have read any of my posts before, you know I am a history buff!!!!  My tippy-top unicorn destinations are Rome (check), London (check), Greece and Egypt.  And this week, I am going to Greece!!!

Last year, a friend and I took advantage of a great deal to Athens – 4 nights there, hotel, breakfast, flights – and springtime temps in the upper 60s!  We can’t wait!  But recently, there have been some hurdles – and you all know about COVID-19 or coronavirus.

My travel buddy and I decided (along with many of my clients traveling to Europe this spring) that we were not going to let this media frenzy hold us back.  Now, there is a lot to consider, including one’s health and work situation (some jobs are telling people that if they visit Europe they will be forced out of work for 2 weeks post return) and of course, fear plays a factor for some.  But not for us!!!  And certainly, I would not advise clients to do anything that was counter intuitive for them, but my travel buddy and I are biting our thumb at coronavirus and going to Athens.

Stay tuned for some cool pictures, stories and tips!

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