Social Distancing -Day 1- A Diary

This BLOG is about adventure.  Life right now totally qualifies!

To say these are tough times is an understatement – and a week after I thought the Draconian measures of isolation were a bit much, I humbly accept my social distancing and hope others will too in an effort to slow down the inevitable …we will all be touched with COVID-19 in some way – here’s what it looks like at my house.

Yesterday was Day 1.  I can honestly say that having my kids at home is not hard for me and neither is monitoring their school work (whenever that comes out – this is new for our teachers and so they need time to prepare meaningful instruction – until then, the kids worked on previously assigned work and my son, who is knee deep in vocational training for precision machining, started his OSHA training).  For years I homeschooled my kids for blocks of time while we traveled – and thankfully they are both really good at getting done what they need to – sometimes with a little encouragement!

March in Maine can be crazy – yesterday was beautiful and sunny – today it is snowing.  Yesterday Charlotte hung out on our porch in a tent and did schoolwork with Cooper while I did some early spring yard work – trimming some branches and picking up old and forgotten doggie presents.


Cooper had a playdate with the neighbor dog, and I fetched a lost baseball out of a fenced in area for some other neighbor kids.  No one got closer than 10 feet – kinda normal for New Englanders – hahahaha

Charlotte and I went to the barn and discussed with her trainer (via text) our desire to find times during the week where we would be the only ones there to ride and help with chores (the family is going over tomorrow to help with stalls – winter is a hard time to find stable help as it is – if only we could teach the horses to poop in one spot!!!).  This will all work out and getting some stable and horse (and barn cat) therapy will help us all through this.


Char and Syllabus after some exercise.


“Blacky” wanted a little warm up in the car while we waited for Char to groom her horse.


“Big Tiger” getting some sunshine warmed snuggles as I watch Char ride.

My hubby, Kelly, is a pastor.  He did go to work yesterday for one last meeting of the minds before imposing social distancing for his office.  This is a trying time for those who are active in the community helping others.  We want to still serve those in need and those particularly affected by this situation but have to balance safety and service.  When people need something, they just need to reach out and ask – we will make it happen.

Day To Day….

We are not going to the gym – I am hoping we find the dedication to do our workouts in the basement – this has yet to be seen.

I had a peanut butter and fluff sandwich (on WHITE bread) and cheese squares for lunch yesterday for the first time in I don’t know how long.  And I am wondering if I can wear sweatpants for the next 8 weeks and no one will care!

Our day yesterday was the start of what could be something amazing.  This social distancing will be bringing US together.   We are looking forward to playing more games together, watching evening movies together and finding different ways to stay connected to our friends and loved ones (the letter writing has already begun).  We have plans of doing some home improvement projects, some area beautification and continuing to help those in need in meaningful and appropriate ways. I am going to treasure this time with my kids – my son is 17 and will begin his senior year next year (I hope).  This time with him is precious and we will make memories that otherwise would not be afforded to us.  My almost 14-year-old daughter is learning about resilience and adaptation.  I have a couple new books to read (one is called The Power of a Praying Wife  – another example of great timing) and I will be keep up with my travel studies and courses to keep me current with my vendors and trends.  We will come out of this stronger than before.

Day 1 and counting!

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