Social Distancing – Day 2 – A Diary

We survived Day 2 with ease and even some laughs!  It was a rainy day, so we did not get outside much but everyone got to work early (Kelton doing his OSHA training, Char with music, Denise with travel and Kelly on conference calls with church staff).


Virtual flute lessons followed by group Google Hangout with friends!


A little art….

Kelton is always conniving ways to spend money.  The kid needs a well-paying job to fuel his imagination!  He has been trying to convince Kelly that he should lift the back end of his truck.  It is really our truck that we use for camping, but Kelton drives it a lot.  Anyway, he decided to build a Lego model to prove that lifting the truck wouldn’t cause it to be unstable.  Well, at 10:42am the 17year old came up the stairs and said, “Dad, you were right.”  Documented!!!

Char did some baking (made a Hawaiian birthday cake mix sent to me from my sister Becky, who lives in Hawaii!!) and we decided to order out for pick up to support one of our local restaurants in this tough time (Roger’s in Dover – it was yummy!!).  Kelly wanted to run to church to pick up his comfy desk chair (he tried to steal Kelton’s that he got for his birthday, but that didn’t go over well😊) so he got the take out and brought it home.

Meanwhile, some wonderful ladies from church lent Char some books for the weeks we will be home.  I remember some of these books myself (ahem…Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret) My neighbor was going for a food run and picked us up a few things and we got down to planning a She Shed for Char up on our play platform in the yard.




Plans…on paper…we’ll see!!!


The “before”.

We watched a movie together last night (A Quiet Place…..not for little kids😊) and all went to bed early.  We are trying to devise a way to play Exploding Kittens online with friends!


The pets are faring rather well!!!!

Today was pretty low key.  That is not a complaint!  I still question the rational of our government.  I guess that is my nature – I can’t balance the potential sacrifice of our elderly and at-risk population for our economy.  Is there a happy medium?  I just don’t know!!!!!  Are we overreacting?  Can we afford to under react?  I know our economy is going to tank after this – all the government bailout situations amassing will cost us in the end.  But I have to rely on God in this and lean into Him more.  I need to focus on treasuring my time with my family and modeling a positive outlook to my kids.

Day 2 and counting….

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