Social Distancing – Day 3 – A Diary

Day 3…it was kinda boring.  We did our work in the morning then we all went as a family to help out at the barn where Char rides.  We spent 3 hours doing stalls, moving horses and bedding pellets and played with the barn cats.  We were tired and sore when we got home and my strategizing men are coming up with ways to make doing stalls easier (this involved using the 4-wheeler and cart, building a transitional poop pile closer to the barn to cut done on travel time to the big pile, and hot wiring a tractor with a big bucket).


“Blacky” headed back to the barn. I tried to get her to turn around – but she has a mouse in her mouth!!!


The poop is never ending!!!

When we got home, I sat on the porch with Cooper – he LOVES chillin’ on the porch and waiting for someone to come around so he can bound off the porch and greet them – including the mail person!  We have had to add a tie-up to the porch because at his old home he had a fence, so without physical boundaries, he thinks the world is a free for all!

The hubby and I watched The Curse of Oak Island (still waiting for some of the cast of LOST to come out of one of the holes) and are still suckers hoping they find treasure!  Char had a group hangout with a few friends and their laughter and antics made us laugh a lot!  We got to “see” Kelton’s girlfriend on his phone, and everyone enjoyed the day as much as we could.

This is hard for our teenagers – they are social beings – and do not understand the potential for harmful spreading of this virus to our loved ones who are at great risk.  Kelton’s girlfriend is a senior in HS and I feel for those kiddos especially – they will miss out on a “traditional” senior end of the year experience – prom, senior ball, senior skip day, senior pranks, graduation practice and graduation.  These are BIG EVENTS in these kids’ lives – ones that many have fought for 12+ years, and they are all but canceled.  Of course, they will get though it, but it makes them sad; it makes me sad for them.  It challenges their resolve to do what the adults are saying is the right thing.  It stresses their relationships and makes them uncomfortable.  I will be the first one to say that getting out of our comfort zone is what promotes growth, but tell that to a 17 year old who looked forward to being the kings and queens of the world.  My heart breaks for them.

Day 3 and counting….

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