Social Distancing – Day 4 – A Diary

Day 4…rainy days in the late winter and early spring are hard.  We rejoice in the sun this time of year and yesterday, it was dreary and cold.

Cooper was restless being cooped up inside as were we all…so we tried to shake things up a bit for him.


Drying off snuggles.

Cooper got his first bath.


He looks a little sheepish but he seemed to like it! And he is so soft now!!!

Char worked on puzzles.


Finished 1 and started another – Disney’s Villians.

I worked on rebooking clients and doing quotes for fall 2020 and 2021 (people are looking forward to traveling soon and it is a great time to book).

Kelly worked on church stuff and finished Char’s she shed supply list (say that 5 times fast).

We watched Survivor together and the kids had some great burgers for dinner and Kelly and I had some collard greens, potatoes and bacon (Misfits Market collard greens – what else would I use them for?  BACON!!!)!!!  I can’t believe I have been watching Survivor for 20 years off and on.  Now my kids love the show.  Time is a strange thing!


You can’t see it all – but I promise there are copious amounts of bacon in there!!!

I am wondering now if I can wear the SAME sweatpants for 8 weeks and no one will know.  And I need to find that motivation to hit the basement gym – although if we keep going to the barn to do stalls, I think that will count as my workout!!!

Ended the day with Coopie snuggles!  This isn’t so bad!


Day 4 and counting….

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