Social Distancing – Day 5 – A Diary


Day 5…another cooler day at the start and rainy.  Cooper was driving us nuts wanting to go out.  Now that the weather is getting “nicer”, all he wants is to be outside – which is great BUT he wants us out there with him – and when it is drizzly and 38 degrees, that is a no-go!

The kids are starting to get schedules for virtual school starting again Monday – thank goodness!!!

We finished doing the stalls at the barn, Char had a riding lesson and Cooper got to go for a walk in the woods (with 1 tick found and removed).

Here is a picture diary of our day (I think I will do this when I am writing on the weekends if the weather is nice – like today – need to get outside!!!)


Clearly, it is business as usual around here!!!


Carlos the Ball Python needed some exercise.


Up close with this handsome guy!


Zuzu waiting for Carlos to become dinner!!!


Cooper and I out for our walk in the woods!


Char and Syllabus


Cantering shakes off the germs!


Blacky wanted some attention.


She is a pretty girl!!!


Char got to visit the baby kitties – almost 3 weeks old. There are two kittens whose mom is Nala.


They are adorable little fur balls!



Day 5 and counting….

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