Social Distancing – Day 8 – A Diary

Mondays are….well, Mondays!

School started in earnest today – the kids had assignments posted on their online classrooms and did school between 8:30 and 11ish.  I worked and Kelly did his staff check in.

I have to say that we are really taking this laying low thing pretty well.  Maybe we are just boring people, but doing home projects (starting to paint our big room this week and been slowly doing some outside projects as the weather allows), playing games, watching family movies, having everyone pitch in a bit more with chores and generally chilling out seems to be our jam!  Yesterday was a good day with the kids not being too disgruntled by not seeing their friends and it actually snowed!

Char went to the barn to exercise Syllabus and I got some barn kitty snuggles.  There are always animal snuggles at home happening, too – I think the animals like it that we are all home – at least the dog does!


Kelly and I checked in on a few folks from church that we are buddying with during these days of isolation – it’s tough to be alone on a good day and for many, these aren’t good days.  Please remember to check in with your neighbors, friends and family members.  Not everyone is OK, and that is OK.  We need to be there for each other!!!!

Also, my 17 year old is bored.  He would love to make some rings for people.  He is wonderful at it and even started his own ETSY store.  Check it out!  


Day 8 and counting….

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