Social Distancing – Day 9 – A Diary

It snowed last night.  We knew it was coming and it was pretty, but it is always a shock to wake up in spring and see snow.  The nice thing about a spring snow is that is melts quickly and it has.


My back yard.


Char’s chair and flamingos!

Having two kids has been advantageous for us for lots of reasons – we can divide and conquer; everyone has a hand to hold; and we have done life in an EVEN and ODD day system for as long as I can remember.  What is this, you ask?  Well, Kelton has EVEN days of the year, Char has ODD days of the year – this is for good things and for “bad” things.  Let me explain…if it is your DAY (odd or even) you get to unload the dishwasher, pick what is on TV (with limitations), perhaps do an extra chore that may be needed or get a bonus activity depending on what is going on.  We have used this method for taking out the trash, picking the next ride at Disney and where we go to dinner (if mom and dad do not already have a plan).  This “system” has been a lifesaver for us and it has really cut down on the bickering that is natural between siblings.  If there is a question about who does what or when or how, the answer is almost always – is it an odd or even day?

So today, we are starting an enrichment plan with the kids.   We find we have a lot of free time on many days (which will diminish when the weather gets nicer and we move to outside chores as a family) and we don’t want the kids squandering this opportunity to try new things….and we don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to do new things with the kids as well!  When it is your day (odd or even) you have to pick an “enrichment” activity.  Ideas for enrichments so far: wood working, painting, metal working, cooking/meal planning, learning a language or enhancing language skills, sewing, a geography game, workout/yoga/dance class online, and survival skills.  I am absolutely open to more ideas!!!!!

In the news….I still have only been to the barn in 12 days and I dropped my phone in the toilet!  I retrieved it quickly and washed it and thankfully, all is well!

Day 9 and counting….

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