Social Distancing – Days 10 & 11 – A Diary

Wednesday and Thursday – Well – yesterday was so pretty out I played hooky from posting and did some outside chores and honestly, the days are kinda running together!

Wednesday was boring – Let’s face it – most days are going to be like Groundhog Day!!!  Wednesday was a Groundhog Day for us.  Char and I took Cooper for a long walk (Char rode the 4 wheeler) and while it was a bit brisk, we enjoyed a little outside time.


Cooper THINKS he wants to ride on the 4 wheeler….

Thursday, on the other hand, was SO nice!!!!!  I had a virtual BNI meeting (the first of many, I fear). Cooper and I sat outside and I did some training with Ponant (if you do not know about the fabulous luxury yacht options presented by Ponant – you are missing out – they even have a repositioning cruise from Boston to the Yucatan area every October at a GREAT price that I am DYING to take!!!) and updated my Royal Caribbean Training.  It was a productive day for me!

Cooper got to play with his friend Pippa – and they found a mud hole out back!  Luckily, they rinsed off nicely and could sit in the sun to dry! Char got some special snuggles with Elivs!


They found the mud!!! hahahah


Elivs is NOT a snuggler…but she has been really enjoying all of us being home.

Kelly, Kelton, Char and I started our big area beautification jobs for the year – we are clearing out our woods behind our yard area – mostly to make it look nicer – but also to open it up out there maybe to ride the 4 wheeler and so I can see the dog when he runs away:)


I am wondering when the clothes folding fairies are showing up!


Days 10 & 11 and counting….

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