Social Distancing – Days 12, 13 and 14 – A Diary

Friday – School in the morning, Denise worked and Kelly did some recording.

Kelton, Char and I headed to the barn to do stalls and Char rode 2 new horses and of course, check out the kittens!


Nala and her babies.


The adorable kittens! The little black and white one hisses a lot and the other one meows really loudly!!! They are so adorable!!

The weather was amazing!  And you know the best part…. Kelton made dinner!!!!!  Bacon and mac and cheese – a 17-year old’s dream!!!!


Bacon with Mac & Cheese! It was good!!!

Saturday and Sunday were like last weekend – Kelton and Kelly worked on filming our church service to play on Sunday, in the afternoon on Saturday we all went to the barn and finished stalls and played with cats!


Felix and Nala – they are nephew and aunt, I think but they love to snuggle!

Sunday we watched church together from our couch, watched too many NCIS episodes (Charlotte loves this show) and we started repainting our large room (hall, living room, dining room and kitchen are all one in our house) – photos to follow when we are done!

I THINK the pets enjoy having us home – they are getting more snuggles and time with the kids – but the cold rain Sunday kept us in all day so Cooper didn’t get his long walk in the woods – but he did enjoy (not) the thunderstorm last night – that was a crazy one!!


Me and Cooper hanging on the couch.


Elvis trying to fit on the cat couch – she’s a little big for it but darn cute!


Elvis getting a great snuggle from Char. Elvis just started doing this – she has never eally been a snuggler except with me – but she is branching out!

The most stress I have had during these last two weeks (aside from mitigating travel issues for clients) is allowing the 13 and 17-year old paint!  I am very Type A….so learning to let go a bit is a process for me – but everyone worked together, and it looks great!

We are all growing through this experience.  We are in it together and making the best of it!

Days 12, 13 and 14 and counting….

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