Social Distancing – Day 15 – A Diary

Monday – another rainy Monday!!!

Mondays are heavy workdays – I TRY to stay off my computer over the weekends to the best of my ability (which has been tough with cancelations and postponements of travel) so I have a lot to catch up on!


  1.  My Pinterest account is getting a lot of action!  I am pinning recipes that sound yummy for odd things I have in my pantry, bread recipes, garden designs (we took down our chicken coup last year and Char would like a garden there this year) and fun things for Char’s She Shed.  She wants a coastal design so I am having fun with that, too!!!
  2. My hair grows SO slow!!!!  Seriously – I have been “growing it out” for two+ years and I swear it is the same length as it was last year!  UGH!

On the left, April 2019. On the right, January 2020…yes, it HAS grown a little but SO SLOWLY!!!!!

In other news, at the beginning of the month of March, before social distancing was a thing, Kelton participated in the Maine SkillsUSA challenge at USM and earned a GOLD medal standing!!!!!  There were a few of the categories that took place before the main event (scheduled for the 20th but canceled) because they needed special equipment – his was CNC Milling Specialist.  He would be going to Nationals in Kentucky in June, but I am guessing those will be cancelled.

Kelton Medal



Also, Char has lost it and is making friends out of old lemons and some limes…..we might need some help here😊


As for me, I VOW to tackle my ridiculous laundry situation and STAY ON TOP OF IT!!!!  I’ll let you know how that goes!

Day 15 and counting….

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