Social Distancing – Day 16 – A Diary

Tuesday – and I made a break for it!!!!

Other than going to the barn I had not been out of the house since March 13th.  Today, I went to Market Basket for needed items.  I carried my disinfectant wipes and didn’t touch any surface without wiping it down first.  We had been getting Misfits Market since January and loved it but haven’t received our last two orders so we have been running on empty for a lot of our fresh staples.  I got milk, eggs, butter, snacks for the kids, fruits and veggies, some meat and simples just to round out some meals.  I didn’t see any hoarding going on and the store was pretty quiet….everyone keeping their distance as best as possible and the workers have really been busting their tails – and I appreciate them!

Yesterday was so nice out – we took Cooper for walks, Char rode the 4 wheeler, I heard from Cooper’s other mom and got to venture out into the world (which in my head sounds like, “I braved the Dismal Swamp to hunt” – hahahaha).  We got the delivery of goods for Char’s She Shed and work will begin on that as time and weather allow.


Speaking of Cooper, do you know his story?  Well, here it is….

Char has wanted a dog forever.  We love dogs and have doggie sat many of them in our home when their families travel.  But having a dog is a huge responsibility and it is just not one we wanted to take on…so we have had cats😊.. Recently, Char broke us down and we agreed this last fall that if we can find an elderly dog to adopt, we might consider this.  Char’s doggie BFF, Bentley (my dad and step mom’s dog) died in May 2018 and Char has struggled with that (as have we all).  We told her we would seriously look for a dog after some planned travel at the end of November.  As soon as we were home, she started her search.

Right away, Char found a doggie in Mass that needed a new home – his family was putting him up for adoption on  Cooper’s family needed to find him a new home for lots of reasons, and they were all good ones and heartbreaking for his family.  He had been with his “mom” since he was a puppy (he is 11 now) and he had been well trained, very well cared for, and MUCH loved.  But sometimes circumstances change, and his family knew they couldn’t provide for Cooper the way he needed.  We brought him home on December 5th and have not looked back.

Cooper has been a delight to have as a part of our family.  The cats tolerate him, as only cats can.  He loves going on walks in the woods and loves running away to the neighbors (his other home had a fenced in yard – we do not.  So, when he is off his leash, he thinks it’s a free for all).  He has some girlfriends on our street, and he loves sleeping with Char every night!  We have learned that he is a couch potato (I mean, he IS an old man) and when we leave him alone, we have to take any food off the counter as he LOVES food and will find it.  We LOVE Cooper and are thankful everyday for such a good boy!!!!!

Let’s not talk about the laundry.

Day 16 and counting….

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