Social Distancing – Days 19-21 – A Diary

Friday, Saturday and Sunday….

Busy, Busy, Busy…..1 rainy day and 2 sunny days!

I finally finished painting on Friday (although no pictures yet because we still haven’t put up the pictures and such – but I did wash the windows!  Hahaha)

Friday night, we “celebrated” Kelly’s buddy’s 50th birthday with a Zoom dinner and singing and cake.  Then we played Exploding Kittens on line – if you have not played the card game, Exploding Kittens, you really should!  It is an amazing game!!!  Check it out!

Saturday we did stalls – and visited with the kittens who were out and about outside with their mom, Nala.  So cute!!!!


Frosty the pony, Nala and her kittens.


Char, kittens and Frosty.


Big Tiger.


Char got a lot of kitten snuggles!


Another one of Big Tiger – it was a beautiful day!

Sunday – Palm Sunday – in the afternoon, we started work on Char’s She Shed and Kelton and I hauled out some more brush from the woods – manicuring the woods.  It is going to look amazing!


Taking down the old railing….


Our command center is set up and ready to work!

I have been lacking in my official workouts but have been scooping poop and doing a lot of yard work and hauling trees!  That’s something!

Kelton has been industrious during this time – he has taught himself how to replace his speakers in the truck and also how to fix chainsaws!  I am pretty impressed with this guy – he is not afraid to figure things out!


Kelton putting the chain back on the extention saw.

Char also cleaned Kelton’s truck yesterday and did a fabulous job!  I don’t think it has ever been cleaner!

Cooper loved being outside all afternoon.  Him and Zuzu hung out a lot!


Days 19-21 and counting….

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