Social Distancing – Days 22-23 – A Diary

Monday and Tuesday – both beautiful weather days!

The She Shed is off the ground!

This platform has been here for 7 years or so…it was one of the first things we built outside – and it originally had a suspension bridge – it was SO cool!!!!  I’ll try to dig up some photos before all is said and done.

As the kids got older, the suspension bridge just got impractical as the kids grew and the platform didn’t get used a lot.  That is about to change – and frankly, I might just have some girls’ nights there this summer when it’s done!

Other than normal work, we have been trying to use a couple hours each day as a family doing outside chores – clearing some land and starting the She Shed build.  Tuesday, we got the first two walls up.


Everyone is helping!


For a while….


This platform is between 4.5 and 8 feet off the ground (on a slope) so it was a little scary – for me anyway!

The first one, always the toughest, took a while.  My hubby is a smart guy but building structures isn’t something he does daily….so getting his construction groove took a little time, but I know he likes the distraction from what is our everyday right now.

Char went to the barn Monday and Kelton brought her – which was nice so I could help with the building.

We’re just chugging along here……

Days 22-23 and counting….

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