Social Distancing – Day 25 – A Diary

Thursday….Lots of work today and lots of rain!  Like, the cats and dogs kind!

No work on the She Shed…but in the afternoon Kelton and I went out to take down the tent and cover the materials with an extra big tarp because we are supposed to have gusts up to 40 MPH Friday.  Not sure the tent would have survived – but the 3 walled She Shed is holding strong!

We have been doing group Facebook video chats with Kelly’s family….we get to see family from Washington State, California and our family in Poland.  Most of the time we have at least 7 kids under the age of 7 on in some way, shape, or form, and the chaos is fabulous!  Well, it might be fabulous for those of us who aren’t in the house with all the kids😊

Anyway – the “Coronavirus Apocalypse Support Group” as it is known, is a weekly call on Thursdays, unless Kelly’s mom calls on Wednesday and THINKS it’s Thursday!  LOL  We all jump on when we can any day of the week!

We got word yesterday that our kids will continue to be remotely learning for the rest of this school year.  We had been prepping our kids for this event – we have seen it coming…but know how these things work – you just can’t tell people in March that the school year is over – you have to break it down into much more digestible segments.  I know lots of people that aren’t handling this well.  I feel for them for sure!!!  This is hard!  For some, it is a lot harder!!

Yesterday was my dad’s 73rd birthday.  We haven’t seen my dad since before Christmas (they were snowbirding in Florida until early March) and decided to have dinner with my dad for his birthday….COVID-19 style.  We ordered take out from my dad’s favorite restaurant then all parked along side the road and talked through the slightly lowered car windows – rain and coronavirus keeping us apart!  We made some signs and hung some flags from the car and my dad was just happy to see us and we were happy to see him!  My sister and her family were in their car, too.  Cousins waving through rainy windows and everyone having their own cupcakes they made at home and singing “Happy Birthday” while my sister, Becky, is on Facetime from Hawaii.  It will be a memorable experience for sure!

And on the way home last night, the rain turned to snow.


Day 25 and counting….

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