Social Distancing – Day 26 – A Diary

Friday – cold, rainy (even bits of snow) and windy!  No work outside but great work inside – tying up some loose ends from painting and Kelly did lots of work in continuing to prep for Easter.  I had some conference calls for clients and networking and we all kinda got through the day with projects, flowers and fun!

We finished painting last week but have been too busy to hang up our pictures and we wanted to make some changes to the décor anyway.  Over the past few months, I have had printed 11×16 canvases of a family photo from our family photo shoots we do each year.  These photo shoots are such a wonderful memory and a precious treasure, and I wanted a way to showcase for our family how we have all grown and changed through the years!  The canvases are not the best quality (unlike the amazing photos by Jenna Doughtry Photography) but they add a lot to my “new hallway”!  I love how it turned out!


Family photos beginning in 2010 when Char had just turned 4 up through 2019.


All are taken at places we appreciate and some that have memories of their own – Perkins Cove, Drake’s Island, Kennebunkport, Wells Harbor, Mt. Aggie, Hamilton House, Strawbery Banke and our oun home town.



At the beiginning, I have the most recent photo and the first.

I painted some rocks (another Pinterest project I have been wanting to do) and even had a very cute little helper and the other day I used water color paints to paint on one of our breezeway windows.


Not bad for my first try.


Zuzu wants to be involved…I’m surprised she didn’t get paint on her self!


I should pay closer attention!

Kelton has been using his 3D printer to make mask extenders for folks that need them – he sent a bunch to his Grammy for Exeter Hospital – if anyone needs/wants some, we will happily ship them to you!


I think I mentioned it before, but we usually host Easter at our house….6+ families, umpteen kids, lots of food, laughs and the joyous celebration of the Resurrection with family.  This year, Easter looks different, but the sentiment will be the same.  Many of us are “sharing” the same meal and will be Zoom-dining together, including my sister in Hawaii.  And my sister and step mom sent us these beautiful flowers – I put them in a new vase I got from my step mom and dad from Florida – it is flat until you fill it with water – beautiful and a space saver.  There are two Easter lilies in the bunch and they make the house smell so wonderful!


We have to keep finding the good.  As my favorite band, Switchfoot says, “The shadow proves the sunshine”.

Day 26 and counting….


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