Social Distancing – Day 32 – A Diary

Thursday – another really pretty day – and I got some painting on the She Shed done…but need a big ladder for the tops!  The weather was mostly sunny but we got a few squalls – so painting in the snow was weird – but it’s a she shed so I think it will be fine!!!


Can you see the snowflakes on the roller?


The trusses were built by the guys….they took a while.


The first truss is up!

Char and I ran around a bit and delivered some special pictures Char has been drawing for her friends and some candy- we dropped them on the porch and the girls chatted spaced a part.  There were lots of air hugs, air high fives and smiles.  It was good!


Char “with” one of her BFFs!


This is a drawing Char made of her watching over all her BFFs. I think this picture speaks volumes!

Kelly made dinner tonight – Saltenas – Bolivian empanadas with a salad.  They were super good and there are still 12 left….YUM!  A great snack, too!


Bolivian Saltenas!!!!


Lots of dishes!!!! HAHAHAHA

Char’s night is Saturday night – hers is a crock pot recipe that will be great after a few hours at the barn doing stalls.

Day 32 and counting….


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