Social Distancing – Days 33-35 – A Diary

Friday, Saturday and Sunday….windy, spring weather – Friday and Saturday we had a bit of snow!!!  UGH!  The spring snow is pretty with its big flakes but a little depressing at the same time.  Sunday – what a gem of a day!  Warm in the sun and we worked a bit outside in the afternoon!


Saturday morning craziness!!!!


Snuggles with Cooper!

Friday was Char’s riding lesson and she is doing great – she has struggled in the transition from a passenger to an in charge rider.  This is a maturation process – beginning to know what the horse needs to complete the course with consistency without being told….more leg; less leg; half halt; lead changes; stride count…these are all concepts that someone who is moving from and intermediate rider to an advanced rider must execute without being told.  She is making progress and I am really happy about that.  I think she is, too!

Friday we also got Italian food from our favorite restaurant near us – Patty B’s!  It was incredible, as always and we are happy they opened back up (they had closed about a month ago and just re-opened this week).

Saturday we did stalls – they were easily done in two hours and Kelton and I worked hard with those – Char helped moving horses around and exercised Syllabus as well.  She also got some kitten time!


SO adorable!!!!!


Char’s individual picture for one of her friends.

In the beginning of February, we ordered a quarter cow and half a pig and it arrived Saturday in three large chest coolers.  That was fun to put away but I don’t think we will need beef or pork for the next 18 months!  hahahaha

Saturday night Char made her Destination Dining meal and it was WONDERFUL!  She made a Namibian dish called Potjiekos.  It is supposed to be made with lamb, but Char didn’t want anything to do with that, so she made it out of beef.  It is like a stew with carrots, potatoes and curry spices and it was super good!  The Destination Dining was a really fun experience!  The kids did great with it and I definitely enjoyed not cooking most of the week!!!  WIN!!!


Days 33-35 and counting….

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