Social Distancing – Day 37 – A Diary

Tuesday – started out nice, windy and then we got down to the rain!  Hahahah

Work in the morning for everyone.  Today was a pretty slow day – after a 2pm Zoom meeting for me, we had to return the large coolers that all our meat came in, so Kelly and I ventured out to Wolfeboro to do that.  It was a nice ride and Cooper came with us.

Since things have been slow, I think I will post our before and after painting pics.  I love how the hall and large room look with the new paint and my favorite part are the doors!  They were still the original primed doors we had installed when we built the house almost 9 years ago and I have just been putting off doing it.

As an aside – I have been keeping up with laundry this week and I am rocking the side bun…my left arm frozen shoulder is making it so I can’t get my arm high enough to do a pony or regular bun – so I’m setting a new quarantine fashion statement.


Day 37 and counting….

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