Social Distancing – Days 38 & 39 – A Diary

Wednesday and Thursday….It was chilly Wednesday and great Thursday….

Do you have those days where, in your mind, there is a tiny voice saying, “Move along, folks.  There’s nothing to see here.”?  That was the last two days!

I actually don’t remember what happened Wednesday!  All the days are running together.  I know I took Cooper for a walk out back.  I started a load of laundry which is still actually in the washer!  Hahahaha  I should maybe take care of that.  Char went to the barn and rode for a short time but it was pretty windy and Syllabus wasn’t too happy about the fallen limbs and such.  The kittens were visited and snuggled.

Thursday Kelton, Kelly and I finished cutting down some brush out back and I cleared some out – now I need to buckle down and finish gathering all the brush for chipping.   Cooper also got to spend some time outside AND take two car rides for church errands Kelly had to run.  He really is living his best doggie life!

We have not had any progress on the She Shed since Sunday.  It is slow going but I guess what’s the rush!

Coming up, I think I will work on some Bucket List blogs and some easy tips for folks looking to get back into the swing of travel soon – I hope it’s soon!!!!

Days 38 & 39 and counting….

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