Social Distancing – Days 40-42 – A Diary

Friday, Saturday and Sunday – Nice weather!!!!

Friday – we did stalls so we could enjoy the weather Saturday.

Saturday Kelly recorded the Sunday service and when he got home, we worked outside for a few hours.  Kelton and I finished cutting down some underbrush and dead tree limbs and have piles set out to chip.  Some friends of ours are letting us use their tractor for a couple days next week and we will hopefully wrap us this crazy undertaking!!!

Sunday we worked outside and the She Shed got some attention!!!  The outside is almost done…waiting on shingles (Kelly said I have to do these last), paint (doing that Wednesday if the weather cooperates), trim and finally, the roof!


Looks like an old west facade!


Cutting off the facade.


She has a door!!! But no roof! hahahaha

I also started work on a project I have wanted to do for years – this used to be a dirt/mud ramp that lead from our driveway area down to a lower area where we store the boat and sometimes camper during the winter.  They aren’t perfect steps, and I need to add gravel, but they are a huge improvement and I think I will like them!!  The first thing both kids said was, “now I can’t ride the 4-wheeler down there.”.  UGH!


Char has been making the best of her BFF Zoom – Saturday she had some fun in the driveway with her blow up flamingo costume – Keepin’ it real!!!!


Days 40-42 and counting….

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