Social Distancing – Day 43 – A Diary

Monday – rainy☹

Today is a shout out to my friend Stacy – I don’t even know if she reads my blog, but I’m thinking about her.


Mondays seem to be rainy this spring – I DO like the rainy days as they force me to stay inside.  I got caught up on work (which has had some trying refund/voucher situations lately) and had 3 hours of Zoom meetings – which was lovely!

Kelton and Char did school.

Kelton learned how to do his taxes.

Cooper got bored but lazed around most of the day.

Elvis, the fat cat, got her nails cut.  Cooper still has not.

I did more laundry but still have not folded the last 3 loads.

I almost wrote that I wore real pants today – but they are jeggings.  Sigh….

Kelton, Kelly and I made the most amazing pizzas last night (Charlotte had Dino Nuggets – very healthy as they have cauliflower in them – don’t tell Char – hahaha).  Kelton’s pizza was organic dough, BBQ and wing sauce, bacon, sautéed red onions and cheese.  Kelly and I had red sauce, goat cheese, sautéed red onions on half, goat cheese, dates and balsamic glaze.  Holy cow – SO GOOD!!!


Day 43 and counting….

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