Social Distancing – Day 44 – A Diary

Tuesday – warmer and not much rain!

Today was my run around day.  I have been going to the store every TWO weeks and have been picking up the things we run out of (like my half and half I ran out of a week ago!).  I went to the bank, to get gas, the local garden store to pick up some seeds and some perennials, the pet store for dog food, a local restaurant that is selling farm fresh eggs for curbside pick up and finally, the grocery store.  I donned my mask at every stop!

I had a pretty busy day but other than my running around and then the unloading, work responsibilities and such, it was kinda boring – I can also report that my last manicure was 6 weeks ago in preparation for my trip to Greece ☹ and things are getting rough!  hahahaha


At the end of the day, we did have some special friends drop off a bag with a 6-pack of Firewater nips in it – it is a bit of a running joke but let’s say, I probably won’t be drinking the Firewater!  Hahahaha

We were blessed with a  beautiful sunset and that is something to be thankful for!


Day 44 and counting….


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