Social Distancing – Day 45 – A Diary

Wednesday – a sunny, warm and beautiful day!!!

Today – I worked in the morning and then headed out to plant my new perennials and paint!!!!

I had some help painting from Char, Kelly, Zuzu and Cooper!

One of my favorite plants is catmint.  Zuzu LOVES the catmint and here she is getting her catmint groove on!

I finished the siding painting for the She Shed and also started painting the old wood to refinish it and make it look new.  The paint (which is a light gray even though I would love it to be white – but they didn’t have that option) is so thick – like painting with cement!!!  But the coverage is great and it really revives the wood!  The cottage look is happening!  On deck for the She Shed – the roof and trim!!!

I still haven’t folded the laundry and now I need to do more – UGH!!!  I really need laundry fairies!!

Day 45 and counting….

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