Social Distancing – Day 66 – A Diary

Wednesday – another SMASHINGLY wonderful day!!!!

And so busy….I had my first PT appointment and went grocery shopping.  Got Cooper a doggie life jacket then boogied home.  I had hopes of helping Char plant her garden this morning but no such luck –

We had a visit from Nana, finished putting the rest of the soil in the garden, Kelly critiqued my new soaker hose system I installed yesterday, and I guess I need to redo it (I thought it was pretty awesome for my first time doing something like that).

I took Char to the barn, did a couple stalls, then took her to the orthodontist.  We got home and I finished packing for camping – made a lasagna for tomorrow night’s dinner, helped Kelly fix a water issue with the camper (I supervised), played Exploding Kittens and now I am melting.  No time for pictures today….I can’t wait to slow down this weekend!

Day 66 and counting….

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