Social Distancing – Day 67 – A Diary

Thursday – the weather – WOW!!!  Warm, sunny and gorgeous!  Just the way to start a long weekend for the Smiths.

Kelly had a doctor’s appointment this morning, so Char and I used the time to get her veggie garden planted and we had helpers!!!  We planted zucchini, lettuce, radishes, carrots, cucumbers, beans, peas, broccoli and Swiss chard!

After a short break, we headed up to my dad’s little cabin on the Pine River – a tributary to Lake Ossipee in New Hampshire.  We call this “red neck camping” because we just park our camper next to the driveway and hang out.  We have electricity but that’s about it!  It is a nice opportunity to get away when we can’t really get away!!!

Cooper LOVES camping and the boat.  Char started fishing right away, caught a nice sized white fish/carp, and Kelton started tinkering with Grampy!  We LOVE camping at Grampy’s and will really enjoy this chance to reset!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and be safe!!!

Day 67 and counting….

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