Social Distancing – Days 68-70 – A Diary

Friday – Sunday – I just can’t say enough amazing things about the weather – WOW!!!

Friday it was hot!!  Like in the 80s hot – and for the fact that is snowed 3 weeks ago….well that’s just silly!  Friday, we boated, Char tubed, we fished, we ate (ice cream), we did puzzles, we played games and generally had a wonderful day!!!


Saturday was my hubby’s birthday.  He and Char fished, we played games (learned a new card game to us called Golf), we talked, Cooper took his frist Jeep ride, read and took a sunset cruise.  Kelton flew his drone and we enjoyed a great fire!


Sunday – another morning fire, some fishing, an early boat ride, food, Golf, packing and heading home.

It was a relaxing and much needed weekend to recharge and refocus.  I hope you had the same opportunity with your family and loved ones!

Days 68-70 and counting….

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