Celebration at Sea – Day 2 – London Baby!

May 1, 2015

Our first full day in London.  We really packed this day!!  We hit the ground running and visited Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster and so much more!!!

We always try to book tickets for special places ahead of time – in this case, the London Eye!  It was pretty cool!


The Tube station we got off was across the bridge from Big Ben – Char took these pictures as we crossed the bridge.



A Char taken family selfie!


The London Eye with my 3 favorite people in front of me.


At this time (and I haven’t been back to London since so I am not sure if they are still there) there were decorated sheep all over the city! They were so fun!


Westminster Abbey – expensive to get in to and not for littles – but we enjoyed a self tour and lunch in the basement!


Char loved this – the oldest door in Britain!


We have recreated this photo at Disney – One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE pictures ever!!

Stay tuned for Day 3 of our London/Mediterranean Cruise adventure!



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